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Microalgae are those tiny plants living in oceans and rivers.

There are numberless microalgae living on the surface of Earth, immobilizing carbon dioxide into organic matters, that support the Earth’s ecosystem from the very fundamental.

In fact, we receive lots of benefits from microalgae.

For example, fossil fuels, which supports the industrial revolution from the 19 century, was formed from ancient microalgae that settled and accumulated in the bottom of the sea, millions of years ago. Recently, on the other hand, living microalgae species continuously benefits human beings by a variety of useful and unique compounds extracted from them.

The SeedBank Inc. Co., Ltd. collected and improved all kinds of microalgae culturing technologies that were so far invented/developed at Kyoto University (Japan), now giving us the power to isolate and culture almost all kinds of microalgae in the world.

We are now able to, and willing to provide services that isolate targeted microalgae species from all kinds of environments and establish new cultivars. In the meantime, we are also providing services to conserve the cultivars (in permanent) according to the customers’ requirements. Since we have developed a library of isolated microalgae cultivars (and it’s getting bigger and bigger), we are also able to share those cultivars according to the customs’ purposes and requirements.

Exploring the possibilities of the microalgae and benefits the human being with them is, and ever will be our belief and principle.


Contents of the Services

1. Isolation of novel microalgae species

By our unique technologies of screening and isolation, we isolate microalgae species from all kinds of environments.

“Isolation”, means separate single species (one cell) from all others.

SeedBank Inc. Co., Ltd is able to isolate a single microalgae cell from the others, even totally free from all bacteria cells that are normally far more smaller compared to the microalgae.

Isolation of novel microalgae species


2. Optimize Culturing Condition

Appropriate conditions such as temperature, pH, light intensity, and nutrition compositions are critical to the survival of microalgae. We are providing services to find the optimum conditions for each newly isolated microalgae. Furthermore, according to the requirements of the customer, we are able to culture novel species in 200-liter tanks and provide them in a highly concentrated density.


Optimum Condition Selection



3. Conservation and Management

By conserving the novel isolated microalgae in our library, it is possible to decrease the risks to the minimum, in case that the species accidentally perish in customers’ experimental operations. On the other hand, we also receive requirements to conserve cultivars for the customer if they find it difficult to maintain.


Conservation・Management of Microalgae cultivars



4. Library Sharing

We provide cultivars conserved in the library according to the customs’ purposes and requirements. For example, we are conserving various species of diatoms, which are to date considered difficult to culture, in our library. Among those diatoms, certain species that synthesize high concentrations of EHA and EPA are already confirmed.

A whole new world of exploring and discovery of useful compounds become accessible, starting from our library. We are willing to provide them to the world, and looking forward to cooperative or sponsored research.


Provide microalgae cultivars from the library



Item Catagory Condition Costs (JPY/cultivar)
Isolation Marine Microalgae with bacteria 51,000~
bacteria-free 105,000~
Fresh Water Microalgae with bacteria 50,000~
bacteria-free 90,000~
Aerial Microalgae with bacteria 102,000~
bacteria-free 154,000~
Extreme Environment Microalgae with bacteria 155,000~
bacteria-free 320,000~
*Costs are determined based on the difficulty of isolating a certain species.

Basically, we estimate costs by consultation.

Item Catagory Condition Costs (JPY/cultivar)
Optimize Culturing Conditions Liquid Culture Selection Normal species (with bacteria) 80,000~
Normal species (bacteria-free) 150,000~
Species difficult to culture (with bacteria) 200,000~
Species difficult to culture (bacteria-free) 500,000~
Culturing Condition Selection (Temperature, pH, light intensity, salinity etc.) with bacteria 114,000~
bacteria-free 222,000~
*Costs of those services depend on the characteristics of each species.Basically, we estimate costs by consultation.
Item Catagory Condition Costs (JPY/cultivar)
Conservation/Management Marine Microalgae with bacteria 23,000~/month
bacteria-free 41,000~/month
Fresh Water Microalgae with bacteria 23,000~/month
bacteria-free 41,000~/month
Aerial Microalgae with bacteria 35,000~/month
bacteria-free 46,000~/month
Extreme Environment Microalgae with bacteria 45,000~/month
bacteria-free 66,000~/month
*Costs of the conservation/management services depend on the duration of the conservation as well as the compensation terms.

Basically, we estimate costs by consultation.

★We receive other kinds of requirements for either research or application purposes. Please feel free to contact us for inquiry.